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1. A section of Participants at the Training

2. Three of the participants from WASS

3. Mrs. Grace Gunugu - Executive Secretary, AIDS Action Group

4. A group of resource persons in a chat with participants

5. A resource person, Mrs. Tetteh-Yeboah, explaining a point

6. A drama sketch from participants

7. Executives of AAG with Edward and Chris

8. A group discussion with Mr. Chris Kwei

9. Questions and answers time with participants

10. Officials of AAG with Edward and some participants

11. Presentation of Certificates, by Edward Tetteh

12. Presentation of Certificates, by Edward Tetteh

13. A participant displaying her certificate

14. Miss Tracey Kwei, the youngest participant receiving her certificate

15. A group of participants and officials

16. A group of female participants with officials of AAG

17. A group of male participants with Edward

18. Lecture session

19. A resource person explaining a point on the female genital organ

20. Lecture session